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If it doesn't challenge you
it doesn't change you.

The definition of CrossFit is easily found with a simple internet search. What you rarely find in those descriptions is that CrossFit will at some point challenge your fears and your personal struggles. Full Tilt CrossFit’s supportive community and excellent spot-on coaching will empower you to face those fears. Your “I can’ts” become “I think I can,” to “I’ll try,” to “I DID”. They don’t tell you that CrossFit will strengthen you mentally so that you’ll no longer put limitations on yourself and actually aim higher than you ever thought you could because you’ll start to believe in yourself and your innate abilities.


At Full Tilt , we have created and facilitate an environment where scaling and modifying the WOD (Workout Of the Day) is appropriate for beginner and intermediate athletes. Rx workouts (WODs exactly as written) are carefully prescribed to those with more experience who demonstrate proper mechanics and proficiency of movements, when we know they’re capable of safely handing the weights and skills within the workouts. Intensity is the key to weight loss, dropping body fat, increasing muscle mass and making performance gains. It’s when your workouts are appropriately tailored to you and scaled to your ability, that you achieve optimal intensity. Our programming in combination with our excellent coaching and our amazing community is what makes the Pendulum difference and your path to fitness a successful one.

Who We Are

Full Tilt CrossFit is middle Georgia’s largest private CrossFit facility. Proven to help each individual member reach their highest potential mentally and physically by improving longevity of life and personal well being. Full Tilt CrossFit’s approach to fitness is changing the face of health and wellness in the middle Georgia area.

We are located just off Highway 41, about 1.5 miles south of Highway 96 at 51 Mossy Creek Drive, Fort Valley, Georgia.

Kids Room
SqFt Largest CF Gym in Middle GA
USA Weightlifting Club
Hour Access

Meet our trainers

Our trainers are the best of the best!

Derrick Minton

CF-L2 Trainer, USAW Club Director, Olympic Nationalist, Owner

Crystal Minton

CF-L2 Trainer, Pendley Olympic Trainer L2, Owner

Ryan Scott

CF-L1 Trainer, Olympic Nationalist

Brandon Jacobs

CF-L1 Trainer

Taylor Ray

CF-L1 Trainer, BAS in Exercise Science

Kristan Hawkins

CF-L1Trainer, Olympic Nationalist

Avery Hawkins

CF-L1Trainer, Olympic Nationalist

Rei Gil

CFL-2 Trainer, CF OLY , CF Football

Nathan James

CF-L1 Trainer

Kollyn Smith

CF-L1 Trainer

Pricing plans


USAW Weightlifting Classes

$59/ MO
  • 3 classes a week
  • Many options
  • Personalized Programing
  • Discounts to bundle
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CrossFit Gold

Best Value!
$99/ MO
  • Unlimited Classes
  • 24 Hour Access
  • Kids Room Access
  • couples price $149/mo
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CrossFit Silver

Lowest RATE!
$69/ MO
  • 3 classes a week
  • 12 classes a month
  • kids room access
  • couples rate $109/mo
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  • “I’ve been doing crossfit at Full Tilt for about seven months now and if you’d told me seven months and one day ago that I’d be doing crossfit, I’d have looked at you like you had six heads.  Up to that point I’d primarily been doing cardio, in the form of running, and keeping an eye on what I was eating and managed to drop thirty pounds.  On the suggestion of a friend I decided to take Full Tilt up on it’s offer of a week long free trial.  I was nervous going in because I’d been told some horror stories about crossfit from another friend (who does not do crossfit) and also because, well, I’m a nerd, unabashed and unashamed, and I figured that the gym was just not a place where nerds go.  I’m happy to report that I was wrong, I was welcomed in like I’d been going there for years.  I was immersed directly into the workouts but at the same time never felt like I was being forced into anything I didn’t want to do, or more importantly, was not capable of doing.  Everything was scaled in such a way that I was able to keep up despite having not done any serious exercise since I was in eighth grade.  After my week was up I decided, for personal reasons, not to continue.  A few months later an opportunity came up to have another go with crossfit.  I was in a better place personally and a few of my other friends had decided to do it as well, so I decided to start again.  I can honestly say, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  No matter what your skill level the coaches are going to make sure you get as good a workout as they can.  Some of the members have preexisting conditions that limit what they’re able to do and the coaches are always able to modify the workout so that they’re able to complete it without any injury, or even discomfort.  Personally, I can say that the gym staff loves what they do and helping people achieve their goals.  Where I would usually tell myself “I can’t do that!” and leave, I find myself saying “I can’t do that NOW!  But I want to be able to do it!” and the staff does everything they can to help you get there.  I could get into all the things that I never thought I’d do that I’m able to do, but there are just too many to list.  Beyond just getting a good workout in, the other members and staff become your friends.  Every month the staff organizes “Family Fun Days” where members and staff bring out their families to just have fun.  The next one is a river float down in Florida.  In conclusion, try it for yourself.  What do you really have to lose from a week long free trial?”

    Jeff Tietjen
    Military Contractor
  • One of the best things about Full Tilt for me…. Besides being in the best shape of my life, the great coaching that pushes you but keeps you safe at the same time, the great people that you get to meet and develop friendships with, is the incredible time I’ve been able to have working out with my 2 boys. Father/son conversations about WOD’s, times, friendly competitions (I let them know when I beat them, LOL), what we can get better on – in crossfit and in life. When I see a coach or someone else in the gym pushing my boys beyond where they thing they can go and I can show them I’m not only cheering them on, but doing it with them is priceless. When you have teenagers, they seem to have a lot of interests and are gone a lot. Crossfit has given us time together that I’m thankful for and will always remember

    Jeff Sans